The Official Diogenes Club


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the one and only official diogenes club,
a hard mode survival server.

The Official Diogenes Club is a Hard Mode Survival Minecraft server that's packed full of features while still being a vanilla world. Using a custom mix of VanillaTweaks datapacks and resource packs, we offer a few twists on the normal vanilla HSMP experience. Check out the full list below! The Club is updated with each stable version, and is currently running 1.16.1. We do use a whitelist, so be sure to join the Discord server to apply for a trial period. You can find those details here. Be sure to check out the world map here!

AFK Display

Armour Stand Statues

Custom Nether Portals

Mob and Player Heads

1 Player Sleep

Player Graves

Redstone and Terracotta Rotation Wrenchs

Silence Mobs with Nametag

Thunder Shrine