Dio's Domestic Democracy

The Hub of all things Diogenes.

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We've got VC, text, and image channels, ranks, bots, and events. There are dedicated channels for The Barrel and The Official Diogenes Club, and topics from food and literature, to adobe flash and boats. If you want in on anything featured here, this is the place to start.

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Server Rules:

1. don't be an annoying asshole

2. this is an 18+ server, if youre found to be underage, you will be kicked and b&

3. don't DM other members without speaking to them on the server first

4. use the appropriate channels for the discussion

5. keep nsfw in the nsfw channels

6. no illegal content. Please follow the discord guidelines they can be found here: https://discordapp.com/guidelines

7. don't spam outside of image posting and bots-n-stuff

8. don't advertise your things here

9. please keep personal grievances outside of the server this includes screenshots of chats with other members

10. doxxing/posting pictures of other members without their permission is strictly prohibited